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Brightness control

This set of options is responsible for the brightness level of the installed led light sources:

Enhanced brightness

When this option is selected, more powerful light sources are installed in the product. The brightness level of the main backlight is increased by more than 2 times. Not used in Hollywood mirrors, as their design initially provides a very high brightness.

In the case of selection of enhanced illumination is also recommended to equip the mirror brightness control option, so you have the opportunity to set a comfortable level of illumination of the product. This is important because the maximum brightness may be too high.

Push-button brightness control

Changing the brightness of the mirror from zero to 100% is done using the buttons on the side of the mirror. The controller has a memory, i.e. the brightness setting is saved after the backlight is turned off/on.

Cosmetic mirror with magnification

The magnifying mirror is a popular and indispensable tool for cosmetic or cosmetic procedures. It helps to see your face in the slightest detail.

We can equip Your mirror with built-in cosmetic mirror. When this option is selected, a round section with a magnifying effect will be made on the main mirror. The design of this element is located on the back side of the main mirror, so that all its elements are protected from moisture and dust, and the front side of the main mirror remains smooth and smooth, so it is also easy to wash, as a mirror without this option.

You can choose different degrees of magnification (3x or 5x), as well as the option of additional led backlight built-in cosmetic mirror. This illumination is made in the form of a light ring around the magnifying lens. It allows you to see your face even better thanks to a close source of lighting. Electrical power is supplied from the mains.

Косметическое зеркало подсветкой


On a number of mirrors of our production it is possible to install an electronic clock. The dial is located directly on the mirror canvas and has a size of 14x48 mm. the clock is powered from the network to which the mirror is connected. Setting the time is done by means of small buttons that are mounted on the end of the mirror and are easily accessible. When disconnecting the external power the watch continues to run (no indication), i.e. the time does not change.

You can select a watch in one of the following colors:

Часы голубые

Electronic clock blue. The size of the face 14х48мм. The control clock on the end mirrors.

Часы зеленые

Green electronic clock. The size of the face 14х48мм. The control clock on the end mirrors.

Часы красные

Electronic clock red. The size of the face 14х48мм. The control clock on the end mirrors.

Кнопки установки времени на торце зеркала

The set time buttons on the side of the mirror.


Included with the mirror can be supplied shelf of one of the following types of performance:

Полка на кронштейнах

Glass shelf on beautiful anodized aluminum brackets. The length of the shelf coincides with the width of the mirror, the depth is 12 cm.made of frosted glass with a thickness of 6 mm. the number of brackets – 2 or 3, depending on the length of the shelf. Mounted on the wall regardless of the mirror. The location of the shelf relative to the mirror you choose arbitrarily.

Алюминиевая полка

Stylish shelf made of anodized aluminum. The working surface is covered with frosted glass thickness 6 mm, shelf Depth is 12 cm, and the width matches the width of the mirror. Mounted on the wall regardless of the mirror. The location of the shelf relative to the mirror, you can choose arbitrarily.

Cloth 4mm – default

By default, For the production of j-Mirror, we use a high-quality moisture-resistant mirror cloth with a thickness of 4 mm of the AGC brand. This is a wonderful time-tested material that has proven itself over the years. In most cases, this type of mirror fabric fully meets all the requirements.

Cloth 6 mm

Despite the fact that the standard thickness of the mirror cloth 4 mm is completely sufficient from a mechanical point of view, there are situations where the use of thicker material is justified. One of such situations is a wide facet.

Facet is a popular type of decorative processing of the edge of the mirror canvas. The facet mirror has an angled edge, thanks to which the light plays on the ends of the mirror, giving it a "diamond" Shine. The thicker the mirror, the wider the facet on it. Therefore, if you want to order a facet with a width of more than 20 mm, you need to choose a mirror cloth with a thickness of 6 mm.

The canvas is 4 mm of Clear vision

Mirror cloth Clear vision is made on the basis of glass "extra-wedge" or "Diamond", which differs from the standard glass in the almost complete absence of greenish tint, visible at the end. If you look at the end of an ordinary glass or mirror, you may notice a greenish tint, which is explained by the presence of tiny particles of iron in its structure. This shade does not affect the quality of the reflecting ability of the mirror. The vast majority of mirrors in the world are made on the basis of ordinary glass. But for the most demanding customers there is a kind of mirror, the end of which has almost no shade and is transparent as a tear. This is the mirror canvas of Clear vision.

Heated mirrors

Mirror heater prevents condensation on the mirror cloth when the bathroom has high humidity.

After taking a hot shower in the bathroom is often formed a lot of steam, which condenses on the mirror, after which you can not see yourself in the reflection. In this case, you need to either wait a long time until the humidity drops and the condensate evaporates, or wipe the mirror with a towel if you do not want to wait long. In the latter case, the mirror remains ugly divorces. Installation of the heater eliminates this problem, because the mirror is slightly heated, and the steam on it is no longer condensed, despite the high humidity in the room. Mirror heating is very small, but just enough to eliminate condensation.

You can install one of the heaters from the list below, which differ in their size. The possibility of installing a heater depends on the model of the mirror and its size. For a very small mirror in some designs, the installation of the heater is impossible, as the site will report automatically.

Heater 250x250mm

Parking area mirror area 250х250мм. Also heats up a certain area around the area of installation of the heater. Power consumption 12 watts.

Heater 570х250мм

Heated section of mirror with an area of 570 x 250 mm. Also heats up a certain area around the area of installation of the heater. The power consumption of 28W.

The reinforcement film

This option is designed to protect against splinters when the mirror is broken, which can occur due to careless handling. On the back side of the mirror is applied a special self-adhesive film. In the case of a broken mirror cloth fragments remain on the film and will not scatter around the room.


On the mirror can be installed different types of switches, which differ in both appearance and principle of operation. The ability to install a particular type of switch depends on the design of your chosen mirror, so not all of the following options are available for some mirrors.

Кнопочный выключатель 14мм

Chromed metal switch, waterproof IP44, round shape, diameter 14 mm. is Switched through an electronic relay to ensure safety and durability.

Кнопочный включатель

Push button switch with plastic button, waterproof IP44, rectangular shape, size 12mm. Easy to use and unobtrusive, thanks to the color and small size.

Клавишный выключатель

Plastic key switch with silicone cap, waterproof IP44.

Сенсорный включатель

The backlight turns on and off when you hold your hand at a distance of about 5 cm from the sensor mounted on the end of the mirror.

Шнурковый выключатель

The mirror is switched on/off by means of a ball chain.

Turning on the led light

When the mirror is turned on, there is a delay of about 1-3 seconds between the moment of pressing the switch and the moment of turning on the lighting. This delay is normal for led backlight technology and is designed to protect the mirror's built-in power supply from overload at the time of power on.

This fact is important to keep in mind when using the touch switch. After the sensor is activated, you must wait a couple of seconds before turning on the light, without affecting the sensor again.

Additional contour illumination

Contour illumination is a decorative addition to the main illumination of the mirror. When you set this option, the light comes out from behind the mirror and spreads to the sides along its perimeter. Gentle glow contour lighting creates a unique aura and comfort.

We install the following types of contour illumination on our mirrors:

Белая контурная подсветка

White decorative glow along the contour. Gentle light comes from the back of the mirror and spreads to the sides around the perimeter. Creates a halo effect around the mirror.

Нижняя белая подсветка

White decorative glow at the bottom of the mirror. Gentle light comes from the back side and spreads downwards, further illuminating the objects under the mirror.

Контурная подсветка RGB

Colored decorative lighting around the perimeter of the mirror (colored halo). You can adjust any color of the contour illumination using the remote control. In addition, the color can be changed by one of several programs. The use of dynamically changing lights will greatly enhance your mirror.

Нижняя подсветка RGB

Colored decorative glow at the bottom of the mirror. You can adjust any color of the backlight using the remote control. In addition, the color can be changed by one of several programs.

The color of the LEDs

For mirrors with LED backlight, it is possible to choose the color of the LEDs used.

For the Juergen LED series, by default, we set the LEDs of cold white glow, because we believe that this color is the most harmonious for the mirrors of our designs of this series and provides the highest brightness of the mirror.

For other series, the default color is neutral white. In this case, you can choose a different shade of white light or even options with color backlight. In the case of color option, please note that when the backlight is on, your reflection will have a shade of the selected color of the LEDs.

Warm white: Warm slightly yellowish led color. Label 1 in the figure below.

Neutral white: Neutral white LEDs. Label 2 in the figure below.

Cool white: Cool white led color. Label 3 in the figure below.

Facet edge treatment

Facet is a popular type of decorative processing of the edge of the mirror canvas. The facet mirror has an angled edge, thanks to which the light plays on the ends of the mirror, giving it a "diamond" Shine.

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